2D Encoder from Heidenhain

2D Encoder from Heidenhain
Heidenhain Corp.

The 1Dplus from Heidenhain Corp., Schaumburg, IL, is a 2D encoder that can measure linear guiding and thermal drift errors during movements of a stage or machine, allowing processing and immediate compensation of them. Encoders are frictionless and have gratings in two dimensions. Some models feature 2 or 3 scanning units for simultaneous measurement of X and Y directions. Three scanning units enable the calculation of the angle of rotation of the bracket that houses the scanning units. Current measuring length is 300 by 2 mm and the scale is 20 by 4.9 mm. X-axis measurement of the 1Dplus has a ±1 µm accuracy grade and includes a reference mark; grating period is 8 µm and signal period is 4 µm.

Contact Info

Company: Heidenhain Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 847-490-1191

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