2.4 GHz SoCs from Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments Inc.

The CC2543, CC2544, and CC2545 wireless SoCs from Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX, integrate a microcontroller, 32 KB of flash memory, and 1 or 2 KB of RAM on a single die for use in consumer electronics such as computer peripherals, gaming devices, remote controls, and toys. The SoCs are distinguished by different numbers of general I/O pins; the CC2544 also has a USB interface for USB dongle applications. Features include a 2 Mbps data rate, 102 dB link budget, and <1 µA sleep current with sleep timer running. The SoCs are over-the-air compatible with the company's CC2500- and CC2510-based products and the TPS6230 step-down converter for ultra-low-power wireless applications.

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Company: Texas Instruments Inc.
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