12-bit Magnetic Encoder IC from Austriamicrosystems

12-bit Magnetic Encoder IC from Austriamicrosystems
austriamicrosystems AG

The AS5046 from Austriamicrosystems AG, Unterpremstaetten, Austria, is a 12-bit magnetic rotary encoder that offers rotation, tilt, and vertical distance detection of a magnet placed above the IC. The device can detect vertical distances over several millimeters. The chip combines both the Hall elements and a signal processor and supports the detection of magnet tilt with pushbutton functionality. The device communicates with an external microcontroller over a 2-wire serial interface and provides a programmable ratiometric analog output for standalone operation. (In the U.S., 919-676-5292, fax 509-696-2713)

Contact Info

Company: austriamicrosystems AG
Country: Austria
Phone number: +43 3136-500-0
Fax: +43 3136-525-01

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