Xilinx boasts faster debug and trace work with new SmartLynq+ module


Xilinx on Thursday introduced a module for faster debug and trace work in the Versal adaptive compute acceleration platform. 

Called the SmartLynq+ module, Xilinx claimed it offers up to 28 X faster Linux download time via a high-speed debug port than the SmartLynq data cable.  For trace capture, the module offers speeds up to 10 Gbps via the debug port, which is 100 times faster than JTAG, an industry standard for verifying designs and testing printed circuit boards after manufacture.

“You no longer need to spend your precious time on debugging and instead can focus on the launch of your Versal based solutions,” said Karan Kantharia, product line manager for boards and kits at Xilinx in a blog.  He called it the “smartest and most flexible debug product on the market.”

Features include a USB 3.0 connector and an 8-bit I/O port for basic input/output operations. It provides up to 14GB of trace memory and is sharable with a unified view for a remote, multi-user operation. Accessories include a power supply, USB and Ethernet cables, a micro-SD card, JTAG and GPIO flying lead cables.

The module can be used with a Versal AI Core VCK190 evaluation kits and a Versal Prime series VMK180 evaluation kit.   It is priced online for $3,495.