ST to supply Silicon-Carbide electronics for Alliance electric cars

STMicroelectronics says Silicon Carbide in power electronics will help reduce charging times in electric vehicles from Alliance, among other advantages. (STMicroelectronics)

STMicroelectronics announced Monday it will be the supplier of electronics for on-board chargers in upcoming Alliance electric vehicles.

Alliance, which is made up of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, plans to use high-efficiency silicon-carbide (SiC) power electronics from ST. ST will also supply Alliance with associated components, such as standard devices.

Volume production of the SiC electronics begins in 2021.

“The small size, light weight and high energy efficiency we can achieves using ST’s SiC technology, combined with the increased battery efficiency, will enable us to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by reducing charging times and extending the range of our EVs,” said Phillipe Schulz, vice president of design for electric vehicles at Alliance.

SiC semiconductor technology enables highly efficient power switches and rectifiers and works in higher frequencies and operating temperatures with smaller form factors than conventional silicon.

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