Slice IP68-rated data recorder ready for aircraft flight tests

A small data recorder from DTS can be installed on rotors of a helicopter to record strain, temperature and other data. (DTS)

An onboard miniature data recorder from Diversified Technical Systems can be used to help flight test engineers capture physical signals in rugged conditions, including those involving unmanned vehicles.

DTS offers a Slice IP68 data acquisition system that works in IP68 conditions for dust and water, down to 20 meters for 10 hours. Slice modules (60 x 60 mm in size) stack to create the exact features and channels needed for testing, according to a July press release from DTS.

The modules can be embedded in or on testing locations, including the rotors on aircraft near the sensors. DTS said they are ideal for testing in non-pressurized environments, inclement weather or when quick altitude changes may create condensation on instruments.

Slice supports various sensors including bridge and IEPE transducers for measurements such as acceleration, displacement, strain, pressure, temperature, voltage and others. Three axis acclerometers are included in an Accel Slice. All the data is stored directly on 16GB internal flash memory.

According to a data sheet, primary power can be provided externally or with a PowerPack. The base slice of the system includes a microprocessor, memory and control circuits. Two software options are available to track sensor information. Communication is via USB.

While flight engineers may benefit, DTS says the Slice product can be used for testing in auto safety, amusement rides, biomechanics, parachute deployment, sports and safety equipment and acoustic measurements.


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