Powerful quantum computer coming from Honeywell

Honeywell to unleash powerful quantum computer
Honeywell's upcoming quantum computer will have a quantum volume of at least 64, which the company claims is twice that of the next alternative in the industry. (Honeywell)

Honeywell has announced it will within three months introduce what it believes is the most powerful quantum computer, one that will process information in a manner unmatched by current computers.

The computer under development will have a quantum volume of at least 64, which Honeywell claims is twice that of the next alternative in the industry.

Honeywell developed the computer using a quantum charge coupled device (QCCD) architecture, which is detailed in a scientific paper. The company said the architecture was responsible for the computer’s high quantum volume.

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“There are a number of industries that will be profoundly impacted by the advancement and ultimate application of at-scale quantum computing,” said Tony Uttley, President of Honeywell Quantum Solutions, in a statement.

Honeywell said the architecture, which the company claims has highest-quality, fully connected qubits with the lowest error rates, will enable the company to make further advances in processing capability in coming years. Honeywell said it is on a trajectory to increase its computer’s quantum volume by an order of magnitude each year for the next five years.

To accelerate the development of quantum computing and explore practical applications for its customers, Honeywell Ventures, the strategic venture capital arm of Honeywell, has made investments in two leading quantum software and algorithm providers: Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) and Zapata Computing. CQC has strong expertise in quantum software, while Zapata creates enterprise-grade, quantum-enabled software for a variety of industries and use cases.

Honeywell also announced that it will collaborate with JPMorgan Chase, a global financial services firm, to develop quantum algorithms using Honeywell’s computer.

In late 2019, Honeywell announced a partnership with Microsoft to provide cloud access to Honeywell’s quantum computer through Microsoft Azure Quantum services.

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