Podcast: Joao Borges, Global Head of Hardware Engineering, Whirlpool

Whirlpool is one of the leading appliance manufacturers in the world, with over 70 manufacturing and research centers around the world. They are a well-known manufacturer and marketer of home appliances and related technologies, a sector that has undergone immense technological and engineering evolution. As some of the most frequently used machines in the home, and even industries, the focus is not only on increasing and improving performance and size, but also ease of use, energy efficiency and design.

Joao Borges, in his role as Global Director of Hardware Engineering, leads a team focused on bringing innovation into Whirlpool’s appliances, and therefore, our homes and places of work.

In this discussion, Joao walks through how innovation works at a company such as Whirlpool, from the decisions they make and research direction, to some of the key trends they are keeping an eye out for. The evolution of silicon technology and chipset capabilities, as well as the increasing role and advantages of connectivity and IoT, play an important role in the evolution of appliances.

Another key point of innovation and research is, naturally, the user experience. Joao and his team have limited real estate to work with (control panels on home appliances tend to be compact), and there is an increasing complexity and variety of options, programs and features that must be easily available to the user. User experience, it seems, is becoming a key differentiator in a competitive landscape. During the podcast, Joao explains the way UX design is headed and where Whirlpool has focused its efforts.

Finally, we look to the future. In a rapidly evolving industry, and with IoT and 5G taking a firm foothold in our homes and businesses, as well as exciting interface and chipset capabilities, the future holds exciting innovation for hardware enthusiasts and everyday users.

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