Nvidia broadens enterprise access to AI software with subscription plan

Nvidia's Base Command Platform manages the lifecycle of AI developments end-to-end through a dashboard reporting format.

Nvidia announced during the Computex event in Taiwan this week that it is pushing ahead in its efforts to further democratize AI for enterprises by providing its AI development software in a subscription model.

That software, Nvidia’s Base Command Platform, is a new AI development software hub that is being made available as a hosted subscription through Nvidia and partner NetApp to Nvidia’s DGX SuperPOD. Nvidia also is working on broadening cloud availability of the Base Command Platform by developing integrations with Google Cloud and other cloud providers.

“We’re lowering the barrier to entry,” said Manuvir Das, head of enterprise computing at Nvidia. “With the work that we have done and the progress that we have made with a variety of customers, we are both confident and comfortable enough that the next wave of AI democratization is coming,” a phase during which AI will be used “by every company on the planet, rather than just the early adopters.”

Das laid out a vision for how AI will affect enterprises, with customers interfacing with AI programs, in some cases unaware of it; more enterprises having access to data center server racks that tht each have their own CPUs, GPUs and DPUs to enable AI program to run efficiently; and sensor-based AI permeating every facet of an enterprise to learn and assist in a variety of business processes.

To get there, however, requires the democratization of AI-enabling hardware, software and collaboration capabilities that will make key AI technologies more accessible. In April, the company made a big batch of hardware-related announcements with the democratization of AI in mind, and is now turning its attention to the software side.

In addition to the subscription offering, Nvidia also announced this week that it is expanding its NVIDIA-Certified Systems program to include more than 50 different manufacturer brands of servers, all running Nvidia’s AI Enterprise software. All of the company’s enterprise AI software, including its Omniverse AI suite for CAD users, will now be available in one platform family for easier use by teams working on the same project, but who may not be able to work in the same room with one another, Das said. 

“We have democratized AI software,” he added, “so that every company can benefit from teams of people working on it across geographies.” 

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