Novelda wins Best of Sensors 2021 for its Human Presence Sensor

The NOVELDA Human Presence Sensor won Best of Sensors 2021 for the AI & Machine Learning category.

On September 21, Sensors Converge and Fierce Electronics presented the Best of Sensors Awards at the Sensors Converge 2021 Conference and Expo. These awards honor and promote the most transformative technologies in the industry. There were 13 Best of Sensors Award recipients among different categories.

Fierce Electronics was proud to award the 2021 Best of Sensors Award in the category of AI & Machine Learning to Novelda AS for its NOVELDA Human Presence Sensor:


novelda human presence sensor


The NOVELDA Human Presence Sensor is considered one of the most reliable human presence detectors in the world. It is able to sense even tiny human movements such as breathing and heartbeats up to 30 feet away. At the core of the technology is Novelda’s Ultra-Wideband (UWB) short-range radar design. The result is a UWB short-range impulse radar transceiver System on Chip (SoC). It is an accurate, compact sensor that fits on a computer chip and can be installed on any device.

The NOVELDA Human Presence Sensor can help transform how people can save energy in buildings and homes and when using their devices. For example, smart homes and buildings can detect human presence and activity to automatically dim or turn off lights as well as adjust climate control settings. And while most other presence sensors cannot accurately detect people who aren’t moving — for example, because they are sleeping or sitting — the NOVELDA Human Presence Sensor is sensitive enough to confirm human presence through body motion from breathing and heartbeats.

In addition, the NOVELDA Human Presence Sensor can be integrated with consumer electronics such as laptops. When the sensor detects a human approaching, it automatically turns on the laptop without anyone needing to push a power button or touch the keyboard. And because of the sensor’s ability to detect micro-movements, even sitting users will be detected through breathing and heartbeat movements. When a user does move from the laptop, it can lock the screen, turn off the display, or shut down automatically. As a result, the NOVELDA Human Presence Sensor can improve user experience, increase security, and improve power consumption by up to 10% — all at once.

novelda wins best of sensors

Anyone who uses Lenovo laptops may find themselves using Novelda’s products before too long. The PC manufacturing giant recently announced that the NOVELDA Human Presence Sensor will be integrated into its flagship model, the ThinkPad X1 Nano. To ensure that the company can keep up with growth, Novelda plans to double its staff in the coming years to 120 and raise an additional US$30-40 million in capital.

Norway-based Novelda AS was founded in 2004 with the goal of providing the world’s most accurate, intelligent, and reliable sensor solution for human presence detection. Today, the company is recognized as the world-leading authority on Ultra-Wideband short-range radar sensor design, and its products are the gold standard in human presence detection in indoor applications. Novelda has expanded to include offices in the U.S., Hong Kong, and Japan. The company’s vision is to make life easier by creating seamless interactions between people and things.

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