Mercedes offers Vision EQXX concept EV with 620 miles range on full charge

Mercedes-Benz has earned a reputation for showing groundbreaking and stylish concept vehicles. Its  Vision AVTR  was shown two years ago at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, a concept vehicle based on a collaboration with Avatar filmmakers that wowed the tech crowd.

This year, the German  company presented its latest concept in a virtual presentation because of the pandemic surge. Called the Vision EQXX, it will be publicly demonstrated sometime in the spring to show  a driving range of 620 miles on a full charge, almost double the range of many current EVs.

Mercedes said its EV drive system in the stylish concept vehicle is 95% efficient, above the average of 75% in the industry. It was designed to use just single-digit kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers (or 6 mi/kWh), which Mercedes compared  to a conventional car getting 235 miles per gallon. Its battery energy content is something less than  100 kWh and maximum voltage is greater than 900, providing maximum power output of about 150 kW.  The  car has a wheelbase of 110 inches and weighs 3,858 pounds, according to online information. 

Getting that performance “meant squeezing lots of energy into a very small battery,” said Adam Allsopp, director of advanced technology for Mercedes-AMG HPP.  He described a battery redesign with a smaller lighter package, and new electronics, although he didn’t reveal any specs. A new motor design was also created.

Vision EQXX also has carpets made with bamboo. And instead of leather seats, the Vision EQXX will use deserttex made from cactus and mylo made from mushrooms.  Solar panels on the roof will power multiple subsystems.

“Vision EQXX demonstrates future Mercedes technologies,” said Markus Schafer, chief technology officer for Mercedes-Benz . “Our customers will see we are delivering more with less. More range with less energy. More luxury and convenience with less impact on nature. More individual electric mobility with less waste, because efficiency is the new currency.

“In spring, we will prove to the world that the road­-legal Vision EQX has a real-life electric range of more than 1,000 kilometers,” he said, a distance greater than 620 miles. “And we’ll make it look easy.”

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