Making SPICE available for everyone

MoDeCH spice model library
MoDeCH is offering a complete library of SPICE models for various parts, including transistors, passive components, and ICs. (MoDeCH)

SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) is an open-source analog electronic circuit simulator. It is one of the most popular modeling libraries available, and Japanese e-commerce company MoDeCH is seeking to make the power of SPICE available to everyone.

The company is now making its growing analog simulation library of over 72,000 SPICE models available in the U.S., through its English language eCommerce site Model On! Search. The search model was previously available only in Japan.

“We’ve been accumulating SPICE models for a long time,” said Takeshi Koikeda, systems engineer for MoDeCH, in a recent interview with FierceElectronics. “We want to be a one-stop shop for IP spice models.”

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Koikeda added that includes both SPICE models available from industry vendors as well as the company’s own SPICE models. The library includes transistors, passive components and integrated circuits. The site includes both free- and fee-based models, which are searched easily and individually downloaded.

“The goal is to help the designer save time looking for SPICE models,” Koikeda said. He noted that the vendor-supplied models are a service for MoDeCH customers, while the proprietary models are based on the company’s own technology and extracted using a proprietary method with full documentation.

Koikeda said it was often difficult to obtain SPICE models for parts such as power management ICs, as those are often unavailable and or have incomplete specifications. MoDeCH defines its own topology from data sheets and delivers the block diagram, timing charts and electrical characteristics using its original libraries and modeling technology.

Because the library is designed to provide an archival reference for SPICE models, Koikeda added that the library also includes SPICE models for older, sometimes obsolete parts.

The Model On! Search can be accessed at:

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