Lemay.ai and Pleora partner on imaging for battlefield and factory uses

A new partnership between Pleora Technologies and Lemay.ai is designed to simplify the integration of machine learning with real-time imaging for use in the battlefield or on factory floors.

Lemay.ai’s expertise in AI has been integrated with Pleora’s smart frame grabber and embedded interface products, the companies said in an announcement Aug. 14.

The companies will make available a software development kit for real-time vision applications for use in the battlefield or industrial settings. Lemay.ai makes a tank detection AI for advanced battlefield awareness and decision support which has been combined with Pleora’s RuggedCONNECT network video processing unit.

The companies will demonstrate the integration at the Defence and Security Equipment International arms show in London in September.

The two companies also collaborate on smart imaging integrated with real-time sensor networking and machine-learning object detection and classification that can be used in automated industrial settings.

By partnering on the products, designers can build hardware and software that uses AI, machine learning and sensor networking together in a cost-effective way, the companies said in a statement.

Lemay.ai has created AI techniques to identify defects on factory floors and deliver more details for security and defense applications, said Daniel Shapiro, CTO at Lemay.ai.

Pleora invented frame grabbers and embedded hardware for the transmission of sensor data over Gigabit Ethernet and has delivered products for system manufacturers and camera makers that serve the military, medical, and industrial businesses.

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