EV Chargebox coming to 200 Florida sites


Electric vehicle charging technology is getting a boost with deployments of high speed charging stations in Florida and a planned expansion to 13 other states.

While many EV charging companies are expected to take advantage of public and carmaker interest in EVs, German-based ADS-TEC Energy has secured its largest deal to date for ultra-fast chargers in the U.S.

On Wednesday, ADS-TEC Energy announced 200 of its ChargeBox EV charging stations will be deployed by Smart City Capitol throughout Florida, with another 200 or more coming to 13 states in a later deployment.  An initial order for 20 stations in Miami Dade took place in November.

Smart City Capital has so far purchased $30 million in ADS-TEC Energy systems. Smart City Capital CEO Oscar Bode said the ChargeBox approach to EV charging is the industry’s “most highly disruptive” solution because it allows quick charges even in remote areas..

Many drivers are concerned about buying EVs because of the access to charging stations, especially when driving long distances.  A major initiative by the Biden administration calls for adding thousands of charging stations nationwide with $5 billion allocated to states to award contracts to private providers. 

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ADS-TEC uses battery buffering technology contained in a nearby cabinet with charges up to 320kW using existing power grids without the need for added infrastructure for power upgrades to charging stations.  As such, the technology is ideal for areas where infrastructure upgrades are hard to provide, including remote areas or even cramped city centers.  

Smart City Capital has created a new division called UltraSmart Charge involving the ADS-TEC Energy partnership, which will be part of a marketplace for 15,000 municipalities to shop for charging system infrastructure.