Embedded interface supports food inspection, border security

An embedded interface from Pleora Technologies will help convert image data to packets and send it over 1 Gbps Ethernet for food inspection and other apps. (Pleora Technologies)

A new embedded sensor interface from Pleora Technologies is designed to help with medical and industrial imaging applications by converting sensor data to packets then sending them over a 1Gbps link.

The new hardware represents a simple way for manufacturers to integrate gigabit Ethernet connectivity for video into flat panel detectors (FPDs), Pleora said in a statement.

Pleora already widely deploys products for radiography, panoramic dental and cargo screening X-ray applications.

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The company’s off-the-shelf sensor interfaces are designed to reduce cost and time when compared with custom designs. As such, they allow manufacturers a way to quickly develop and market high bandwidth FPDs for new apps, said Harry Page, president of Pleora.

“The x-ray FPD market is growing rapidly, with new applications including non-destructive testing, food inspection, infrastructure monitoring, and border point-of-entry security alongside demand for imaging systems to diagnose and treat medical conditions,” he said.

The new embedded interface, the iPORT NTx-Mini-S,measures only 43 x 67.1 x 5 mm to provide a drop-in solution. It converts sensor data from cameras and imaging devices to packets and sends it over low latency 1 Gbps to software or hardware over standard Ethernet for a distance of up to 100 meters. Pricing was not announced.

Pleora also makes two embedded interfaces that support 2.5 Gbps and 5 Gbps image transfer over Cat5e cable.  Those products are the iPORT NTx-NBT25 and Ntx-NBT50 GegE Vision over NBASE-T embedded products.

Also, Pleora has a product for up to 10 Gbps transmission over Ethernet, called the CoreGEV-Tx10 GigE Vision FPGA IP Core. Designers can run the full GigE Vision protocol from software-only mode to enable fast testing.

The mini and core products work with Pleora’s eBus software development kit, which has APIs for controlling GigE Vision sensors.

According to the product spec sheet, the new interface includes a 32 MB frame buffer to store and forward applications as well as a programmable logic controller to control strobe lights and rotary encoders. 

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