Carrier picks AWS for big cloud services contract

Rebuilding the Cloud Promise for the Modern Business
Carrier picked AWS for a large number of cloud services as the HVAC tech provider prepares to become a public company later this year, separate from United Technologies. (iStockPhoto)

Carrier has chosen AWS as its preferred cloud provider and will move up to 70% of its 4,000 servers and 996 apps to AWS, the companies announced Wednesday.

The move will enable Carrier to reduce IT infrastructure costs and is designed to help the HVAC technology leader innovate and deliver more products and services to global customers. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Carrier will also use AWS data warehouse, analytics and machine learning (ML) services to seek out manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies. Also, Carrier will use AWS Interent of Things (IoT) services for a new line of products for homes and workplaces as well as a refrigerated logistics chain.

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Carrier is now part of United Technology and expects to become a standalone public company by mid-year, using AWS services to help it grow.

Carrier expects to use separate AWS IoT services for Core, Analytics and Events to improve efficiencies. In one example, a smart climate control system processing data from sensors linked together in an office tower could spot patterns used to adjust temperature, humidity and ventilation that is more sensitive to demand.

In addition to HVAC, Carrier provides technologies in refrigeration, fire, security and building automation. Its brands include Kidde, Edwards and Automated Logic.

AWS has been a cloud provider for 13 years and offers 175 different services in 22 geographic regions, which will expand to five more regions in Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Africa and Spain. AWS claims millions of customers.

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