BMW features digital factory twin at Nvidia GTC21

Digital twins are big.

While the concept of creating a digital twin has been around for years, it is now gaining powerful proponents.

At Nvidia’s GTC21 event on Monday, BMW Group announced it is using Nvidia Omniverse to design a complete digital twin of an entire factory that can be used to simulate 31 factories. 

“All elements of the complete factory model—including the associates, the robots, the buildings and assembly parts—can be simulated to support a wide variety of AI-enabled use cases such as virtual factory planning, autonomous robots, predictive maintenance and big data analytics,“ said Milan Nedelikovic, member of the board of management for BMW AG.

He said the digital twin approach will produce 30% more efficient planning processes, calling Omniverse a “game-changer.”

Nvidia named other Omniverse users as well: Industrial Light & Magic; Foster + Partners, a UK design and engineering firm; WPP, the world’s biggest marketing service organization; Ericsson, a telecom leader; Activision Publishing, a video game maker.

Bentley Systems, an infrastructure engineering software company, is using Omniverse and is the first to harness real-time rending, AI and simulation in the tool.

Nvidia said its new Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise platform will be generally available this summer. It allows 3D design teams to work across multiple software tools to collaborate in real time via a shared virtual space.

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