Best Sci-Fi TV shows for cooped-up engineers

Human or host? Westworld’s Dr. Ford and Dolores Abernathy will keep you thinking about the nature of reality
Human or host? Westworld’s Dr. Ford and Dolores Abernathy will keep you thinking about the nature of reality. (Stack Exchange)

Looking for a diversion from the news, we asked engineers to share their favorite TV shows and movies.

It’s probably not much of a surprise that Sci-Fi picks dominated the list of must-see TV from this particular demographic. (Although there were noteworthy dramas and comedies—that’s another list to come.)

Here’s the list—in rank order—of the top 13 sci-fi TV series and movies, along with a brief synopsis of each.

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So grab a big bowl of popcorn, settle in, and get ready to forget all about what’s happening out there in the real world this weekend.

Westworld: Is reality overrated? Ask Dolores.

Mr. Robot: E-Corp sux. Says who?

Star Trek: Idealistic diversity space camp adventures.

Star Trek: Picard: Retirement is overrated.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Still boldly going, in a bigger ship.

Dr. Who: British time-traveling Star Trek.

Ex Machina: Android passes Turing test. Calamity ensues.

Altered Carbon: When Maguffins are eternal, character is everything.

A Town Called Eureka: Genius run amok? Call the sheriff.

The Fifth Element: Cabbie on wild ride saves humanity.

The Twilight Zone: Chance to see famous actors, before their fame.

Firefly: Star Trek meets Spaghetti Western.

The Good Omen: Nobody’s plan can beat true love.

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