7 tips for women pursuing a career in tech: Henry



Only 34% of the people employed in the largest tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are women.  The good news is women can change that percentage for the better.

Here are 7 tips on how women can effectively pursue a career in tech:

Build your business skills

Make it a point to enhance your business skills. In other words, look for opportunities to grow your expertise in both business and tech.

Be sure to bulk up on the following skills:

  • Coding
  • Computer science
  • Data science
  • Math
  • Statistics
  • System design

Seek mentorship

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, especially when it comes to pursuing a career in tech. In fact, women need all the support that they can get when pursuing tech. That’s why it’s important to seek mentors who have been in your shoes before. While seeking women mentors are ideal, don’t forget about the men. Chances are, you’ll find a male mentor that sympathizes with women finding a purpose in the male-dominate workforce.

Don’t let imposter syndrome get to you

Sometimes, you might find yourself feeling a sense of self-doubt. You might find yourself asking the following:

  • Is tech really right for me?
  • Am I good enough in tech?
  • Why am I so obsessed with tech?

Don’t let these types of questions discourage you from working towards your goal. Give yourself a sense of belonging -- you deserve it.

Be Ready For Criticism

Criticism is a part of life especially in the workforce. It is especially crucial in stressful situations including deadlines, which are plentiful in the tech industry.

It’s important to keep a cool head when facing stressful situations, or even taking criticism. It’s important to show other people you’re willing to accept feedback, and you can work towards bettering yourself.


Believe it or not, communication is essential in the tech industry.

Here are scenarios where communication is needed in this ever-evolving career path:

  • Going to tech networking meetups
  • Going to various workshops in technology
  • Taking part in work-related projects
  • Presenting a new tech product or service
  • Conferencing on behalf of your tech company, etc.

So, speak up and contribute to this lucrative industry.

Create A Supportive Network

It is essential women support each other in tech. Women can coach and motivate each other when it comes to advancing in tech. You can find a great network to join. Or you can create your own network and inspire other women to pursue the world of tech.

Seek Opportunities

Finally, opportunity is abundant in the tech industry. Look for opportunities. Whether it’s going to workshops, networking at conferences, or finding entry-level work, don’t be afraid to put your foot in the door. This shows tech companies that you’re serious about getting into the industry one way or another.


Women can make it in the world of technology. Seek opportunity; don’t be afraid to speak up; and continue to network with people even after you get your first tech job.

Emily Henry is a writer at Academized and UKWritings and a contributing editor for StateOfWriting. She writes about effective resume writing, business networking, and social justice initiatives. Emily often hears from women who are facing worries about taking jobs in tech and she covers their concerns in her posts.