Dynometer Test System Evaluates Electric Steering Systems

Surely there are not many drivers who remember manual or non-powered steering. Manual steering was a great way to develop one’s arm and wrist muscles as the steering wheel was a bit of a chore to turn, particularly at very slow speeds like during parallel parking. When the vehicle was doing 25 mph or higher, it wasn’t too bad, so we’re told.


Today, electric, a.k.a., power steering, is standard on almost all vehicles, including autonomous vehicles. Obviously, steering, like braking, is one of the most critical functions of the vehicle and not just for ease of use. During production, one of the essential evaluations for performance, function, and safety is the electric steering train and all its associated components and motors.


Considered expert in the field of automotive steering test, SAKOR Technologies is providing a complete dynamometer test system for electric steering systems manufactured by Hyundai Mobis. The system is used for engineering validation and performance evaluation of electric motors and electronic control units (ECUs) that directly control the motor during electric steering.


SAKOR’s system sports a 1.5-kW, four-quadrant ac-motoring dynamometer and a high-voltage battery simulator. Communication with the ECU is via Controller Area Network (CAN) bus. The system also relies on a comprehensive suite of test software to ensure proper motor and ECU operation by putting the steering train through a wide range of operational scenarios. For more details, contact SAKOR Technologies, Inc.