ZTE Selects IDT RapidIO Technology for New Generation of Wireless Base Stations

SAN JOSE, CA -- Integrated Device Technology, Inc. announces that ZTE Corporation selects the IDT RapidIO 10xN interconnect semiconductors for its new generation of wireless base stations. The IDT chips, members of the recently introduced RXS switch family, will enable the ZTE systems to evolve and meet the ever-growing need for greater capacity and scalability over the coming years.

IDT's prior generation RapidIO switches are used in virtually every 4G LTE phone call and download made today.

The 50Gbps RapidIO interconnect enables efficient communication with deterministic latency for use in LTE, next generation LTE-A and 5G systems. These system architectures require communication between many heterogeneous processing components, including ASICs, FPGAs, and processors connected through a RapidIO fabric.

IDT's RXS switches exceed the latest RapidIO 10xN specification and deliver more than twice the performance of IDT's previous generation of switches. In addition to 4G LTE-A and 5G, the RXS switches are ideal for applications with intensive bandwidth and low latency requirements, such as mobile edge computing, high-performance computing, and data analytics.

Additional information can be found at http://www.idt.com


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