Zettlex Launches 60 Million New Products

Sensors company Zettlex, has extended its popular IncOder range of inductive angle encoders from 40 to 100-million product variants. The new IncOder range includes mini IncOders at 37mm diameter, midi IncOders at 58mm diameter and maxi IncOders from 75 up to 300mm diameter. A new range of mechanical formats are available, as are additional options on connections, cabling, and customers can now set pules per rev for A/B pulse devices from the part number.

Zettlex has also improved the IncOder measurement performance, with faster update rates which are now at 10kHz for absolute digital outputs. Dr. Darran Kreit, Zettlex Technical Manager comments: “At Zettlex we reinvest a much higher percentage of our revenue back into R&D than the industry average. This has enabled us to develop a very strong innovation and engineering pipeline.”

Mark Howard, Zettlex Managing Director comments: “As a result of the substantial IncOder demand, we have managed to reduce production costs due to an economy of scale. In view of this, we shall be passing some of these savings on in the form of reduced prices. In turn enabling IncOders to be more affordable in the mainstream, higher volume applications.”

To find out more, visit http://www.zettlex.com/products/incoder
The updated product guide Rev 4.11 is available at http://www.zettlex.com/products/incoder/incoder-product-guide

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