XiTRON's 4-Channel Power Analyzer Delivers Price And Performance Breakthrough

SAN DIEGO, CA -- XiTRON Technologies introduces the XT2640 Series Precision Multichannel Power Analyzer. The XT2640 Series is a powerful, accurate 4-channel testing and analyzing system for all power test applications. It provides multiple modes for analyzing harmonics / voltage / current / frequency, power and energy, Energy Star stand-by power and avionics DO-160 (E, F and G) compliance. It is configurable for 3-phase AC, DC power, or both, with either 0.03% base accuracy at 1MHz bandwidth or 0.1% at 5 MHz. The XT2460's optional multi-unit connectivity facilitates system energy and efficiency analysis. The unit can also be configured for motor speed and torque measurements. Yet, with all of these capabilities, the XT2640 is priced far lower than competitive units.

Applications for the XT2640 Series include: aerospace/military; industrial and consumer product compliance; battery research and production; motor testing; appliance performance; and transformer, ballast and power supply testing. The portable unit is well suited for regulatory agencies, testing labs, R&D labs, and instrument maintenance and repair facilities. Its multi-unit synchronization capability is also suitable for conducting energy-efficiency measurements for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power conversion systems, as well as for conducting extensive, synchronized power and energy facility audits.

Among its many advanced features, the new XT2640 4-channel analyzer's optional Avionics Mode is designed to meets Airbus/Boeing requirements for airframe system compliance.


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