X-Y Ball-Screw Stage Enables Precision Planar Positioning

X-Y Ball-Screw Stage Enables Precision Planar Positioning
Aerotech Inc.

The PlanarSL X-Y ball-screw stage targets high precision applications from surface metrology to automation. Described as an economical alternative for applications that do not require the ultra-high speed and precision of the recently introduced PlanarDL, it combines two axes of motion in a compact package. In addition to the standard 24-Vdc bipolar stepper motor, options include brushless and brush DC motors with high-resolution rotary encoders preconfigured for use with Aerotech controls. The PlanarSL is available with low-thermal expansion (3.3 ppm/˚C) precision glass linear encoder scales on both axes for high-accuracy and repeatable positioning over long periods of time. A datasheet is available at http://www.aerotech.com/product-catalog/stages/linear-x-y-stages/planarsl.aspx#  

Aerotech Inc.
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