X-Ray Line-Scan Cameras from Hamamatsu

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Hamamatsu Corp.

The C10800 Series of dual-energy X-ray line-scan cameras from Hamamatsu Corp., Bridgewater, NJ, are suitable for X-ray inspection or sorting applications when single-energy imaging fails to distinguish between metals. The cameras use two detectors, calibrated for different X-ray powers, to generate 2 images in a single scan, which are then combined using an embedded image processing algorithm to create an image that clearly shows the difference between materials, as well as the materials that have similar properties. The C10800-04ECM is rated for 50–110 kV X-ray energies, has 0.8 mm pixel pitch, and line speed from 8–200 m/min. The C10800-08FCM is also rated for 50–110 kV, has 0.4 mm pixel pitch, and line speeds from 4–100 m/min. The C10800-04ECH is rated for 100–160 kV energies, has 0.8 mm pixel pitch, and line speeds from 8–200 m/min. All cameras feature 409.6 mm detection length, 12-bit digital output, RS-244 digital interface, and RS-232C control bus.

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Company: Hamamatsu Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-524-0504

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