X-Ray Camera from Rad-icon Imaging

X-Ray Camera from Rad-icon Imaging
Rad-icon Imaging Corp.
The Remote RadEye HR from Rad-icon Imaging Corp., Santa Clara, CA, is a high-resolution detachable X-ray sensitive camera head designed for small-space radiation imaging applications. The device contains a 2D CMOS photodiode array with an intrinsic resolution of 22 line pairs/mm. Sensor electronics are mounted in a separate enclosure. A Gd2O2S scintillator screen placed in direct contact with the photodiode array converts incident X-ray photons to visible light, which is in turn detected by the photodiodes. Image data are output over a high-speed parallel frame grabber interface or USB connection.

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Company: Rad-icon Imaging Corp.
Phone number: 408-486-0886
Fax: 408-486-0882

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