X-Ray Analog Front End from Analog Devices

Analog Devices Inc.

The ADAS1256 from Analog Devices Inc., Norwood, MA, is a 256-channel, simultaneous sampling, high-dynamic-range, low-power digital X-ray analog front end that enables high-resolution digital X-ray images while reducing patient exposure to X-ray dose. The single-chip device integrates the charge-to-digital conversion signal chain and incorporates 256 low-noise integrators, low-pass filters, and correlated double samplers multiplexed into a high-speed 16-bit ADC. All converted channel results are output on a single LVDS self-clocked serial interface. User-adjustable F.S. range is up to 32 pC and noise is 560 electrons at a 2 pC F.S. range. Multiple functional power modes range from 1 mW/channel to 3 mW/channel while power-down and sleep modes reduce power consumption to 0.005 mW/channel.

Contact Info

Company: Analog Devices Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 781-329-4700

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