X-Change Tests SAW-Based RFID Tags at Extreme Temperatures

DALLAS /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- X-Change Corporation's wholly owned subsidiary, AirGATE Technologies Inc. has successfully tested its surface acoustic wave (SAW) tags to 700°F (371°C).

Working with an undisclosed client, AirGATE SAW tags were heated to a temperature of 700°F and then read with AirGATE's SAW reader.

"SAW tags work well in extreme temperatures, and we were pleased to demonstrate this capability," stated Mike Sheriff, president and chief executive of X-Change Corp. "Many RFID applications are in harsh environments that are well-suited to SAW technology and represent potential opportunities for our company," added Sheriff. X-Change is positioned to ship SAW RFID systems in volume. This, he said, is the result of an exclusive national agreement for sale and support of SAW RFID systems signed in January with Carinthian Tech Research, a leading Austria-based developer of SAW RFID devices and technology.

The basic SAW device is a thin metal film structure deposited on top of a piezoelectric crystal substrate with no power supplies. It reflects radio signals based on the pattern etched onto its surface. These reflections can be decoded into data. In addition to RFID, SAW devices make very accurate temperature sensors and also work well in the presence of liquid and metals.

About the X-Change Corp.
X-Change Corp. intends to acquire interests in emerging technology opportunities, such as RFID, that the company believes will generate significant revenues and return a profit to shareholders. AirGATE Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Change Corp. AirGATE applies its skill and expertise to unique, vertical market applications using RFID and wireless intelligent sensor technology. In an environment of technology cost compression, the company has built a stable of technology partners that are best in class and span a wide range of solutions to support small, medium, and large enterprises. For further information, please visit AirGATE Technologies' Web site or X-Change Corp.'s Web site.

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