WSN Software from Synapse

WSN Software from Synapse
Synapse Wireless Inc.

Synapse, Huntsville, AL, offers its Portal PC-based software for configuring and controlling ZigBee and the company's SNAP wireless sensor and control networks. The network administration software lets you configure and change the behavior of end devices; versions of Portal can support up to 65,000 devices and provide an accessible API for interfacing with third-party applications. For SNAP-based networks, once an end device has been incorporated into the network, Portal can be used to configure its behavior. Once the device's behavior has been configured, the command is embedded in the device, allowing you to disconnect Portal from the network.

Contact Info

Company: Synapse Wireless Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 877-982-7888
Fax: 256-852-7862

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