WSN Software from Arch Rock

Arch Rock Corp.

PhyNet 3.5 software from Arch Rock Corp., San Francisco, CA, lets companies that provide sensor-based monitoring and management services to build large-scale, multicustomer wireless sensor networks (WSNs) that reach across customer firewalls to access and centrally manage WSN data. PhyNet 3.5 adds support for IPsec and NAT traversal to the PhyNet Router and PhyNet Server. This enables the encryption and authentication of sensor data over the WAN and allows them to pass securely through corporate Internet connection boundaries or cable and DSL gateways. Additional features include an enhanced registration process, statistics reports, node-specific diagnostics, and preloaded applications on nodes.

Contact Info

Company: Arch Rock Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 866-925-6754/415-692-0828
Fax: 415-278-0441

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