ON World Smart Lighting Survey Targets a Rapidly Growing Ecosystem

Global technology research firm ON World has launched its annual smart lighting vendor survey. The survey-- that includes a free report for all qualified participants-- includes an extensive section on LED lighting and covers the residential, commercial and municipal lighting control market segments

Adding controls to long-lasting LED lights with low power wireless technologies such as ZigBee and Bluetooth Smart continues to see accelerated growth. With a quarter of all new smart lighting products launched over the past year, large and small developers are seizing the opportunity.

ON World’s most recent survey of 1,000+ U.S. consumers found that almost half are willing to pay over $10 for a wireless LED light bulb. Also, wireless LED light bulbs are one of the most likely products to be purchased by smart home consumers.

All vendors, developers, suppliers and distributors of smart lighting solutions are invited to participate in ON World’s "Smart Wireless Lighting Survey.” Qualified participants will receive the survey results as well as one of ON World’s current reports (valued at $1,500) with consumer viewpoints and input from members of the Bluetooth SIG, EnOcean Alliance, Z-Wave Alliance and ZigBee Alliance.

Take the survey at http://onworld.com/surveys/smartlighting

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