World’s Smallest Java-Based Computers to Debut at JavaOne

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Sentilla leverages the power of Java technology to create the world's smallest Java computers, by unveiling the Sentilla Perk Kit, recently named "Show Device" for the 2008 JavaOne Conference. The Perk Kit is an all-in-one Pervasive Computing Kit for Java developers to create applications for tiny wireless computers about the size of a dime, and specifically engineered for applications with very low power requirements, networked operations and large-scale remote deployments. It will be featured in the Java Playground and in Sentilla's booth (#1224-2) located in the Startup Exhibitor Alley during the conference.

Traditionally, the creation of pervasive applications has been hindered by the challenge associated with programming devices in embedded, low-level languages. With the Sentilla approach, this challenge is replaced with the familiarity of standard Java technology, known to millions of developers worldwide. The Sentilla Perk Kit allows Java developers to create networked devices that share tremendous amounts of real world data and power pervasive, real-world applications using all of the skills they already have.

"Our platform helps Java developers create applications for billions of tiny computing devices that collectively boost the potential of computing," said Bob Davis, CEO of Sentilla. "It provides the solid foundation from which software developers can design smart devices that make the world the computer—from saving lives to saving the planet."

To celebrate the introduction of new Java-powered technology for the world's smallest computers, Sentilla is also making its Perk Developer Edition available at a special show price of $199 for JavaOne Conference attendees. The Perk Kit will be available for purchase at the JavaOne Show Device kiosk in the South Upper Lobby.

Sentilla's Perk Kit
Sentilla's Perk Kit contains all the hardware and software required to develop very tiny devices using the Java Platform, Micro Edition (JavaME), a version of Java technology specifically designed for small devices.

The JavaOne Perk Kit gives developers and system integrators a complete development environment with both hardware and software tools to create, test and deploy downloadable applications in a complete integrated solution for rapid prototyping, designing, change management and other capabilities into a single, seamless environment. Unlike complex embedded development and other small footprint form factor solutions that are often cobbled together, Sentilla uses Java to usher in a whole new level of functionality that increases efficiency of design and code, accelerates customer deployments, greatly reduces time to market and reduces cost-of-change for billions of computing devices being used to save lives, the environment and improve our lives.

Hardware included in the PERK kit includes Sentilla JCreate, a device for rapid prototyping of pervasive applications, and the Sentilla USB Gateway which is a USB dongle for Sentilla-powered devices. Software in Perk includes Sentilla Work Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing Sentilla-powered pervasive applications and the Sentilla host server, a management server for Sentilla-powered devices.

About Sentilla
Founded in 2003, Sentilla Corp. provides a full life cycle software platform for developing, deploying, integrating and managing pervasive computing applications—with the ease of Java technology. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Sentilla's software accelerates time to market and reduces the cost of pervasive computing applications across a broad set of industries such as logistics, transportation, security and safety, manufacturing, health care, agriculture, and green technology. Sentilla's mission is to enable the billions of very small computers deployed throughout the physical world to work together to solve really big business problems. Sentilla Corporation is backed by ONSET Ventures and Claremont Creek Ventures.

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