World's First Personal Safety Device With On-Demand Safety Concierge Service at the Click of a Button

OAKLAND, CA --Safeti announced today a first of its kind, personal safety alert system and GPS tracking device with an on demand security concierge service at the click of a button. Without having to connect to Bluetooth or WiFi, just clicking the handheld device sends out a customizable SOS message with exact GPS location coordinates to your Safeti circle or private security professional, who then calls the user directly to deescalate a threatening situation as well as inform friends, family or 911 of the emergency if needed. You and your loved ones can rest assured knowing that Safeti will be there when you need it – available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Users create their personal Safeti circle, which is an emergency contact list consisting of friends and/or family that the user can change depending on what they are doing. One firm click, while holding down for two seconds, sends a notification alert to the users Safeti circle with their exact location as well as a customized message. Three or more rapid clicks sends an emergency alert to your Safeti circle as well as a security professional with your exact GPS location coordinates and personalized alert message. This prompts the security professional to call the user immediately to assess and deescalate the situation, determining if the emergency network or 911 should be contacted.

Safeti is perfect for:
•A child walking home from school
•A runner going on a nighttime jog
•Anyone on a night out in the city
•An elderly person fearing a medical emergency
•Anyone walking alone

By using the Safeti app, users can easily tailor a list of emergency contacts, as well as an alert message that will be received when trouble occurs. To maximize range and portability, Safeti utilizes GPS satellite technology to pinpoint the users exact location virtually anywhere in the world without the need for Internet or phone connectivity. Safeti integrates a SIM card, which is directly embedded into the device.

"Nearly one million missing persons cases are reported each year and it's only natural to get nervous when you or your loved ones are out alone," said Bill Huang, CEO of Safeti. "Many people carry devices for personal defense, like pepper spray or mace, but those can be dangerous for the user and only act as a first line of defense. In an emergency, there are only seconds to communicate the situation and your whereabouts. We eliminated the time it takes to pull out your phone, decide who to call, find their number and most importantly, what to say. Now you can simply click a button and your emergency list receives an SOS message from you with your exact location and a professional security agent calls you."

In addition to emergency alerts, Safeti can also be set to Monitor Mode for luggage, pets and personal items. Activate the GPS locator and then attach the device to anything you want to find.

The Safeti team has also taken the "It's On Us" pledge to help keep children, women and men safe from sexual assault. It's a promise not to be a bystander to the problem, but to be part of the solution.

Safeti Key Features

- Customizable emergency alert message
- Real-time GPS tracking
- Up to four free calls to the security concierge service
- Two-way GPS communication
- No BLE/Wi-Fi signal needed
- Battery life up to a year
- Water-resistant

Pricing & Availability

Safeti is available in red, gold, blue, silver and black at $89.99 with no monthly fees and includes four free calls to your personal safety professional. Bundle up to 100 for discounted prices. Through the crowdfunding campaign, Safeti will raise money to begin production and release the first round of Safeti alert devices to backers of the campaign by August 2015. Safeti will be available for purchase in the U.S., Canada and Europe - Safeti's concierge service will initially only be available in the U.S.

A portion of the proceeds from the crowd-funding campaign will go to Immunity Project, a non-profit initiative dedicated to developing a free HIV vaccine.

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