World Electronic Test, Measurement Instruments Market

LYON, France--(BUSINESS WIRE) announces that a new market research report related to the worldwide instrumentation industry is now available to its catalogue.

The Electronic Test & Measurement Instruments report analyzes the worldwide markets for electronic test & measurement instruments in units and millions of US$.

The specific product segments analyzed are volt/ampere/watt meters, logic analyzers, signal generators, oscilloscopes (digital, analog and PC-based oscilloscopes), spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, and other electronic test & measurement instruments.

The end-use industries analyzed are communications, electronics, defense, industrial electronics & automotive, and other industries.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America. and Rest of World. Annual forecasts are provided for each region and product segment for the period of 2001 through 2010. A ten-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets with annual market analytics.

The report profiles 311 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Actuant Corporation, Advantest Corporation, Aeroflex Incorporated, Agilent Technologies, Anritsu Corp., Astro-Med, Inc., Credence Systems Corporation, Fluke Corporation, Giga-tronics, Inc., Ideal Industries, Inc., JDS Uniphase Corp., Keithley Instruments, KLA-Tencor Corporation, LeCroy Corporation, LTX Corporation, National Instruments Corporation, Pico Technology, Rohde & Schwarz, Tekelec, Tektronix, Inc., Teradyne, Inc., Thurlby Thandar Instruments, Wireless Telecom Group, Inc., Boonton Electronics Corp., Willtek Communications GmbH, and Yokogawa Electric Corp.

Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.

Table of contents


II. Executive Summary
1. Market Overview
2. Industry Trends
3. Product Overview
4. End-Use Industry
5. Market Trends/Drivers Across Product Segments
6. Automated Test Equipment - A Review
7. Product Introductions/Innovations
8. Product Introductions/Innovations in Recent Past
9. Recent Industry Activity
10. Strategic Corporate Developments in Recent Past
11. Focus on Select Players
12. Global Market Perspective

1. The United States
2. Canada
3. Japan
4. Europe
4a. France
4b. Germany
4c. The United Kingdom
4d. Italy
4e. Spain
4f. Russia
4g. Rest of Europe
5. Asia-Pacific
6. Latin America
7. Rest of World

1. ABB Ltd. (Switzerland)
2. Acoustic Research Laboratories Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
3. Actaris Contadores SA (Spain)
4. Actuant Corporation (USA)
5. Advantest Corporation (Japan)
6. Aeroflex, Inc. (USA)
7. Aetrium, Inc. (USA)
8. Agilent Technologies, Inc. (USA)
9. Ajinkya Electronic Systems (India)
10. Algodue Elettronica Srl (Italy)
11. Ametek, Inc. (USA)
12. Amko Systems, Inc. (Canada)
13. AMPY Automation Digilog Ltd. (UK)
14. AMS Automatische Mess- Und Steuerungstechnik GmbH (Germany)
15. Anapol Geratetechnik AG (Switzerland)
16. Anders Electronics PLC (UK)
17. Andor System Support Co., Ltd. (Japan)
18. Anritsu Corporation (Japan)
19. AOIP (France)
20. Aplab Ltd. (India)
21. APPA Technology Corporation (Taiwan)
22. Applied Measurements Ltd. (UK)
23. Aquasant Messtechnik AG (Switzerland)
24. Armexel (France)
25. ASM Automation Sensorik Messtechnik GmbH (Germany)
26. AstraNet Systems Ltd. (UK)
27. Astrodesign, Inc. (Japan)
28. Astro-Med, Inc. (USA)
29. ATEQ France (France)
30. Aughton Hire (UK)
31. Aura AS (Czech Republic
) 32. AV Calibration Ltd. (UK)
33. AWR Instruments Ltd. (UK)
34. AZ Instrument Corporation (Taiwan)
35. Baseline Technologies (India)
36. Beijing Rayleigh Analytical Instrument Corporation (China)
37. Beijing Rigol Technologies, Inc. (China)
38. Bercu NV (Belgium)
39. Bergsaker AB (Sweden)
40. Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (USA)
41. Beta Lasermike, Inc. (USA)
42. Bharat Electronics & Electricals (India)
43. Binding Union Srl (Italy)
44. Brose Systeme GmbH (Germany)
45. Bruel & Kjaer Vibro AS (Denmark)
46. C&C Instruments Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
47. Caltek Industrial (H.K.) Ltd. (Hong Kong)
48. Camtek Ltd. (Israel)
49. Casella CEL Ltd. (UK)
50. Castle Group Ltd. (UK)
51. Celsa Sistemas De Gestion De Energia SA (Spain)
52. Cesva Instrument SL (Spain)
53. Chang Shuan Electronics Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
54. Changan Group Co., Ltd. (China)
55. Chauvin Arnoux Group (France)
56. Chino Corporation (Japan)
57. Chroma ATE, Inc. (Taiwan)
58. Chyng Hong Electronic Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
59. Circuit Check, Inc. (USA)
60. Circutor SA (Spain)
61. Cirrus Research PLC (UK)
62. CK International (Korea)
63. Cohu, Inc. (USA)
64. Colluck Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
65. Compact Instruments Ltd. (UK)
66. Condtrol (Russia)
67. Conin Prakriti Instrumentation (India)
68. Conzerv Systems Pvt., Ltd. (India)
69. Credence Systems Corporation (USA)
70. Credix Co., Ltd. (Korea)
71. Crown Electronic Systems (India)
72. Dae Kwang T&M Co., Ltd. (Korea)
73. Dagatronics Corporation (Korea)
74. Daiichi Electronics Co., Ltd. (Japan)
75. Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Japan)
76. Danaher Corporation (USA)
77. Datastick Systems, Inc. (USA)
78. Delta Control Engineering Corporation (India)
79. Delta OHM Srl (Italy)
80. Demestres SA (Spain)
81. DER EE Electrical Instruments Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
82. Digitek Instruments Company Ltd. (Hong Kong)
83. DiseNos y Tecnologia SA (DITEL) (Spain)
84. DKD Instruments (USA)
85. Dover Corporation (USA)
86. EADS North America Defense Test and Services, Inc. (USA)
87. Eiden Co., Ltd. (Japan)
88. ELABO GmbH (Germany)
89. Elan Digital Systems Ltd. (UK)
90. Elcanic A/S (Denmark)
91. Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (USA)
92. Electromediciones Kainos SA (Spain)
93. Electropribor (Russia)
94. ELMIER Przedsi Biorstwo Produkcyjno- Handlowe (Poland)
95. Eltime Controls (UK)
96. Endevco France SA (France)
97. Envic Oy (Finland)
98. Environmental Equipments Ltd. (UK)
99. Epsilon Instrumentation Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
100. Escort Instruments Corporation (Taiwan)
101. Espec Corporation (Japan)
102. Eurovib (Acoustic Products) Ltd. (UK)
103. Exen Corporation (Japan)
104. Extech Electronics Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
105. Feedback Instruments Ltd. (UK)
106. Flite Electronics International Ltd. (UK)
107. Fuji Electric Holding Co., Ltd. (Japan)
108. Fujisoku Corporation (Japan)
109. Fujitsu Ltd. (Japan)
110. Fuzhou Fuguang Electronics Co., Ltd. (China)
300. Woodhead Industries, Inc. (USA)
301. WORK Microwave GmbH (Germany)
302. Xinling Electrical Co., Ltd. (China)
303. Yaohua Electric Appliance Group Corporation (China)
304. Yokogawa Electric Corporation (Japan)
305. ZES Zimmer Electronic Systems GmbH (Germany)
306. Zetex PLC (UK)
307. Zhangzhou Kilter Electronic Co., Ltd. (China)
308. Zhuhai Jida Huapu Instrument Co., Ltd. (China)
309. ZIEHL Industrie-Elektronik GmbH + Co., KG (Germany)
310. ZTEC Instrument, Inc. (USA)
311. Zygo Corporation (USA)

More market research reports are available at the company's Web site.

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