Wisesec Releases the Genii: Most Comprehensive Universal IoT Control for all Infrared Household Devices

YOKNEAM, Israel -- WiseSec, a leading provider of mobile platform solutions to improve the customer experience, has launched Genii - an Internet of Things (IoT) smart home automation product - on Indiegogo.

Genii's universal compatibility allows users to "connect" any device operating via an infrared remote control, including televisions, stereos, air conditioners, electric shades, lighting and other appliances. Users can then control these devices from virtually any location - from within the home or anywhere in the world with internet connectivity.

"Currently available solutions to manage devices in the home often require the user to invest in purchasing new devices as well as be within close proximity to exercise control," said Vadim Maor, Founder and CEO of WiseSec. "Genii's innovative design enables the control of any existing infrared-controlled device - from any location - resulting in numerous practical applications and benefits."

WiseSec's smart home solution is comprised of self-powered "Geniis," easily attached to the eye of an infrared device, and a "Genii Hub" that communicates with the Geniis via Bluetooth technology. The Genii application allows users to configure devices in under one minute and then control them remotely from a mobile phone or tablet.

Pre-orders of the solution are currently available in a package of three Geniis and a Genii Hub which enables global connectivity. This package is being offered at a special Indiegogo introductory price of $115 for orders placed by September 12, 2015. A package of three Geniis without the Genii Hub is also available for $65.

Genii is the latest offering from WiseSec, a disruptor in the mobile payments and keyless entry sectors. The company's B2B Bluetooth-based solutions demonstrate higher efficiency, security and cost-effectiveness compared to existing NFC-based technology. The launch of Genii marks the company's entry into the consumer IoT sector.

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