Wireless Vibration Sensor to Facilitate CBM

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire) - MachineTalker Inc. (OTCBB: MTKN), developer of wireless process control systems, has introduced a new wireless product for reading and processing signals from vibration sensors. Dubbed the CBM6, the product facilitates Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) by monitoring up to 6 sensors at a remote location and linking results into a wireless mesh network for access by plant maintenance personnel.

The product will be shown at the annual conference of the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI), being held in Houston on February 3–7. At the Conference, MachineTalker's Chief Scientist Gerry Nadler will present a technical paper entitled "Wireless Vibration Monitoring for Condition Based Maintenance of Cooling Towers."

In announcing the new product, Nadler noted, "A major initiative of the industry is the ability to predict when machinery may fail so that repairs can be made before damage occurs. Acquiring vibration data from inside cooling towers is a perfect application for this product.

"Analyzing the vibration history of a machine and finding change is the principal means for predicting failure. The health of machinery operating within cooling towers might be the most critical as they are used extensively in oil refineries, nuclear power plants, office buildings, hotels and industrial plants. Advance knowledge of a potential failure will save money and will extend equipment lifetime; not to mention the avoidance of a catastrophic event."

Locating an intelligent CBM6 MachineTalker and its sensors right on the machinery is extremely cost-effective because no wiring is required. Studies indicate that wiring alone can be 90% of the cost of sensor installation with long runs of conduit required in industrial applications. Wireless sensor technology will also permit installation at sites previously thought impossible.

The company believes that the market potential for wireless products like the CBM6 will be significant. MachineTalker will exhibit the new CBM6 to conference attendees at the company's booth in the main exhibition area at the Westin Galleria Hotel in Houston, Texas.

About MachineTalker
MachineTalker Inc. has developed a unique technology—smart networks that allow governments, businesses and individuals to rapidly deploy wireless security networks, tracking systems and industrial process control systems. The company's proprietary technology enables the wireless networking of intelligent devices for shared processing and reporting of data in remote security and control applications.