Wireless Torque Transducer Stands Up Under Extreme Vibration

Wireless Torque Transducer Stands Up Under Extreme Vibration
SensorData Technologies

The Model BT4000 Series wireless coupled flange drive rotary torque sensor is reportedly the only transducer of its kind to offer high-reliability true Bluetooth wireless rotary torque sensing in extreme high-vibration environments. It can measure torque up to 8000 Nm at speeds up to 7,000 rpm and deliver analog voltage, digital, or frequency signal outputs. Encapsulated on-board electronics provide strain gage bridge excitation, bridge output amplification, and offer amplified signal conversion into a 16-bit digital word. Due to its Bluetooth wireless topology and induction power supplied to the rotor, the BT4000 Series is immune to EMI, ground loop interference, as well as adjacent metal effects. An optional zero-velocity speed sensor is also available. A datasheet is available at http://sensordatatech.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/SensorDataTechnologies_BT4000_2014_FINAL.pdf 

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