Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Keeps An Eye On Automotive Brake Rotors

Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Keeps An Eye On Automotive Brake Rotors
TECAT Performance Sensors

The WISER TC2-K wireless temperature measurement and monitoring system keeps an eye on automotive brake rotors. The system mounts inside wheel hubs, and is comprised of three subsystems: a remote unit, base unit, and software interface. The remote unit consists of the data capture electronics connected to two K-type thermocouples, a transceiver, and a long-life battery. A custom-designed mounting plate allows for installation in any specific wheel hub or application. The base unit, which houses an antenna and receiver, plugs directly into a PC USB port for use with the software interface, or into a power supply and data acquisition system via its four analog outputs. Data Viewer software is used for system configuration and calibration, live monitoring, and data logging. The WISER TC2-K's remote unit measures 89 mm x 42 mm and weighs 350g. For extreme wheel hub environments, the system provides accuracy of ± 1°C over an operating temperature range of -40°C to +1,000°C.

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