Wireless Tank Level and Temperature Monitoring System Basks In Hazardous Locations

Wireless Tank Level and Temperature Monitoring System Basks In Hazardous Locations
SignalFire Telemetry

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduces the Sentinel Float Stick System that serves as a wireless communication link in the remote monitoring and control of tank levels and temperatures for offsite data processing. Consisting of a magnetostrictive level probe with integrated temperature sensors and mated with a SignalFire Sentinel wireless node, the Sentinel Float Stick System creates a wireless connection between a sensor and Gateway where sensor data along with node-diagnostic information is available via a Modbus RTU or TCP interface. Reported values include product level, interface level, temperature, and status. Powered by internal lithium batteries or optional C1D1 rated solar package, the system has a ½ mile range.

With a rugged design for demanding outdoor environments and operating temperatures of -40ºC to 60ºC, the Sentinel Float Stick System is designed for Class 1 Division 1 intrinsically safe operation and proven as a viable wireless tank level monitoring solution in oil fields. In addition to monitoring tank levels, the Float Stick System integrates a temperature sensor to measure fluid temperature. Automatically configurable to a star or mesh network the Sentinel Float Stick System is available with single or dual floats for level and interface measurements. For installation convenience, configurations include a flexible or rigid magnetostrictive level probe.

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