Wireless Switches Monitor Plant Operations

Wireless Switches Monitor Plant Operations

The company’s Limitless Wireless Switches promise to help industrial facilities cost-effectively add independent layers of protection and optimize processes by monitoring equipment in hazardous locations. Described as easy-to-install, low-maintenance switches, they are capable of monitoring points for areas such as tank level, security gate entrances, and emergency eye wash stations while also boosting safety, security and process efficiency. Limitless Switches reduce maintenance needs and installation cost by minimizing an engineer's need for electrical connectors like junction boxes and conduits. One set of AA batteries can power the switches for one-year. Additionally, they are approved for use in hazardous areas, such as classified sections of a facility. Limitless Switches transmit wireless frequencies through a radio WPAN at 2.4 GHz, with the ability to communicate up to 305m (1,000 ft.) with line of sight when used with a Limitless WPMM Series Wireless monitor, WDRR Series receiver module, or WMPR receiver module. For more details, visit http://www.honeywellscportal.com//honeywell-limitless-wgla-global-limit-product-sheet-002317-4-en2.pdf

Honeywell Sensing And Control
Golden Valley, MN

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