Wireless SoCs Tackle Multiprotocol IoT Design Challenges

Enlarging the wireless Gecko system-on-chip (SoC) portfolio, the latest EFR32xG12 SoCs support a broader range of multiprotocol, multiband use cases for home automation, connected lighting, wearables and industrial IoT. Wireless Gecko SoCs support ZigBee and Thread mesh networking, Bluetooth 5, and proprietary wireless protocols. Output power is up to +19 dBm and sensitivity in the 2.4 GHz band is -102.7 dBm for ZigBee and Thread and -95 dBm for Bluetooth low energy. The EFR32BG12 Blue Gecko SoCs feature a 2 Mb/s Bluetooth PHY, providing ample throughput for applications running a Bluetooth 5-compliant stack. To secure the IoT, the EFR32xG12 SoCs include a second on-chip security accelerator dedicated to the multiprotocol radio and a NIST-certified true random number generator (TRNG). This additional hardware cryptography block runs the latest security algorithms. The devices also offer four times more flash memory, up to 1024 kB with a dual-bank architecture and eight times more RAM, up to 256 kB, than previous-generation Wireless Gecko devices. Pricing for EFR32xG12 SoCs in volume quantities begins below $3.For more details, visit http://www.silabs.com/wirelessgecko  

Silicon Labs
Austin, TX


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