Wireless Sensors Enable Adaptable IoT Networks

Phase IV Engineering has released Leap Sensors, which the company claims reinvents wireless sensing. Devised as an advanced sensor platform for industrial and commercial users, the wireless Leap sensors feature highly reliable end-to-end security that protects data as it travels over the air to the final database, keeping it protected behind a company’s own firewall, addressing your concerns about data security.

The sensors are said to integrate easily with an existing interface or via the company’s cloud-based software. Multiple sensors are integrated into a single module. For example, users can combine temperature, vibration, and amp clamp for motor monitoring.

For ease of installation, the company pre-configures a sensor system that can be up and running reliably in 10 minutes or less. For more details, checkout the Leap Sensors page, call Phase IV Engineering at 866-608-6168, and/or email [email protected]

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