Wireless Sensor Supports Direct-Connect Of Vapor Tight LED Fixtures

Digital Lumens’ DLA-V lighting control is designed for a direct connection to 0-10V dimming drivers, and plug-compatible with all standard industrial sensor interfaces. The DLA-V transforms any high-bay or linear LED fixture from any manufacturer into a completely networked-controlled smart lighting node.


All DLAs create immediate compatibility with SiteWorx, the company’s cloud-based business intelligence platform. As a result, users can easily create a customized, sensor-rich smart building that leverages SiteWorx and the power of the IoT to maximize control, safety, operational performance, and business insight.


All DLA series components include integrated sensing, wireless networking, and software-based control to deliver energy savings up to 90%, performance validation through energy-grade utility metering, and optimal illumination levels for task performance and safety. The DLA family now includes:

  • DLA-V: for direct connection to 0-10V dimming drivers
  • DLA-I: for seamless fixture integration with no external enclosures or connectors
  • DLA-R: blends invisibly into recessed-mount or drop ceilings
  • DLA-S: for surface-mount to ceiling or junction box
  • DLA-E: for embedding within troffers  

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