Wireless Sensor Connects To Any K-type Thermocouple

Wireless Sensor Connects To Any K-type Thermocouple

The company describes its latest offering as an extremely versatile wireless sensor that connects to any K-type thermocouple temperature sensor using a standard Miniature Flat 2-Pin K-type connector; a female connector on the wireless sensor. It connects to a wide variety of temperature sensors including probes, cement-on surface, industrial, magnet mount, pipe plug, and washer sensors available from Omega, and other companies. The connector is protected with a waterproof boot. Other features include a temperature range from -325°F to +575°F – while maintaining a good accuracy – even at low temperatures. For more details and a video demo, visit http://www.phaseivengr.com/product/temperature-sensor-thermocouple-k-type-industrial-325f-to-575f-wireless-sensor-network-wsn/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=thermoP

Phase IV Engineering Inc.
Boulder, CO

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