Wireless Sensing for Agriculture from Libelium


Libelium, Zaragoza, Spain, offers the Agriculture Sensor board for its Waspmote wireless sensor networking platform. The new board lets you monitor up to 14 environmental parameters in a wireless sensor network, supporting measurement of air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and moisture, leaf wetness, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, trunk/stem/fruit diameter, wind speed and direction, and rainfall. You can connect more than 10 sensors at one time. Agricultural sensor networks using Waspmote send data using ZigBee over 2.4 GHz, 868 MHz, and 900 MHz frequencies; radio range depends on the amount of undergrowth but can be up to 12 km for LOS links or up to 6 km for non-LOS. Alarms can also be sent to the mobile phone network using Waspmote's GSM/GPRS board.

Contact Info

Company: Libelium
Country: Spain
Phone number: +34 976-54-74-92
Fax: +34 976-73-37-19

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