Wireless Security Networks Just Got Smarter

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- MachineTalker, Inc., developer of smart wireless security networks, introduced an expanded set of capabilities for its flagship MachineTalker series of networked wireless communication devices. The new product, in concert with a MachineTalker, is capable of simultaneously monitoring multiple parameters, processing and assessing data content, and taking autonomous action.

The new package is capable of monitoring light, temperature, motion, sound, and location based on GPS. It also contains an actuator for control of external devices. Other sensors being added include CO2 detection and detection of radio-active particles.

"Last year our company experimented with multiple sensors in NASA flight tests, by installing Talkers onboard an unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV. In that application, eight sensors concerned with flight, such as three gyros, three accelerometers, and two pressure measurements, were provided by NASA. This newest product contains sensors that lend themselves to terrestrial security issues," said Roland F. Bryan, MachineTalker's CEO.

It is a key feature of a MachineTalker to share information with adjacent Talkers, where each can process data from its own sensors and correlate results with information from other Talkers in the area. This means that parametric assessment can be made on site and decisions made based on real-time information.

According to Bryan, "The new product is also capable of reading analog signals, although more and more sensors are coming onto the market that are controlled by digital I/O means. It is this digital commonality among different sensors that permits consolidation like that available now from MachineTalker, Inc. We plan to install these add-on products along with MachineTalkers that will be deployed inside shipping containers, thereby adding ability to monitor container environment for security of cargo in transit."

About MachineTalker
MachineTalker, Inc., founded in 2002, has developed a breakthrough technology—smart security networks that allow governments, businesses, and individuals to rapidly deploy wireless security and tracking systems to protect people, places, and things. The company's proprietary technology embodies innovative features in the networking of intelligent devices that form "communities" for shared processing and reporting of data in remote security and control applications. Contact: [email protected] or on the web.

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