Wireless Remote Monitoring System Gets Firmware Upgrade

Wireless Remote Monitoring System Gets Firmware Upgrade
SignalFire Telemetry

To boost the level of data integrity in critical processes, SignalFire Wireless Telemetry releases a new version of its firmware that includes a suite of advanced security features. These include AES-128 encryption that supports a more reliable and secure wireless network infrastructure within all its communication systems. The encryption protects against tampering as any modified data is invalidated and ignored. Also on tap, device authentication ensures that nodes perform an integrity check before joining the network. This prevents nodes from joining a rogue or malicious network that would prevent them from communicating with their intended network. Additionally, this process also allows only authenticated nodes to join the network.
Also added, replay prevention stops messages from being resent by a malicious device. It blocks security attacks if packets are captured and retransmitted later. The new firmware is now shipping on all SignalFire. For more details, visit http://www.signal-fire.com/application-note-wireless-security

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