Wireless Range Tester Kit from Conlab

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Conlab Pty Ltd.

The ZigSense Range Tester model ZS24-RGR-001 from Conlab Pty Ltd., Doncaster East, Australia, is designed to help you conduct wireless site surveys prior to installing ZigBee mesh networks. The Range Tester kit lets you optimize communication paths and identify the best position for ZigBee-based wireless nodes. The Model ZS24-RGR-001 contains a wireless coordinator node and an end-point node that were matched during production. Operating over the 2.4 GHz ISM band, you can carry the battery-powered end-point node around the site. Two models are offered: the ZS24-RGR-001-LP supports a 2 mW transmit power for short-range communications while the ZS24-RGR-001-HP supports 50 mW transmit power for longer-range communications.

Contact Info

Company: Conlab Pty Ltd.
Country: Australia
Phone number: +61 3-9842-7711
Fax: +61 3-9842-7511

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