Wireless Pressure Transmitter Connects Via Bluetooth

Wireless Pressure Transmitter Connects Via Bluetooth
GP:50 Corp. LTD

The patented iDucer is a Bluetooth 4.0-based pressure transmitter that connects wirelessly to virtually any iPhone or iPad. Android and Windows tablet and PC versions are pending. The device can reliably measure pressure values from 0 to 1 PSI thru 0 to 30K PSI (70 mBAR thru 2,068 BAR) with ±0.2% FSO standard accuracy, and optional improved ±0.1% FSO accuracy, from distances of up to 100 meters. Application software allows for all iDucer collected data to be downloaded, analyzed, and stored for future use. Other features include all stainless steel wetted parts and housings, 0.2-in. NPT (M) standard process connections, and an operational temperature range from -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C). Other connections and formats, including SAE standard connections are available upon request. For more details and a datasheet, visit http://www.gp50.com/product/iducer-bluetooth-wireless-pressure-transmitter-industrial-testing

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