Wireless Module for Data Loggers from Ellab

Wireless Module for Data Loggers from Ellab
Ellab Inc.

Ellab Inc., Centennial, CO, offers the Sky module and Sky access point that connect to the company's data loggers and enable wireless communication between the logger and a PC. The Sky module is compatible with the company's TrackSense Pro loggers and accessories and enables wireless communication between the logger and the Sky access point. Features include a communication range up to 50 ft., IEEE 802.15.4 communication in the 2.4 GHz ISM spectrum, and an operating temperature range of –80°C to 140°C. The Sky access point communicates with up to 32 Sky modules with a max. of 64 sensor channels/access point; 1 session/process per access point; 5 s transmission rate (16 modules) and 10 s (32 modules); PC connection via Ethernet or USB; and LED status indicators.

Contact Info

Company: Ellab Inc.
Phone number: 303-425-3370
Fax: 303-425-3384

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